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Whether you’re an aviation addict or just a curious cat, Aeroscopia delivers with flying colours!Leading all the way to the Atlantic Ocean, if Toulouse were a human body, the River Garonne would be its spine.Toulouse may have an intriguing history dating back to 257AD and boast the largest Romanesque Basilica in Europe, yet it’s the city’s aviation industry that also plays a part as it echoes the present and the future.From stars to Starlings, Toulouse also throws in more airborne attractions along the way.Inside, there is a crypt with Saint Saturnin’s remains, the Bust of Louis of Toulouse and the grand 19th-century Cavalle-Coll organ.Jacobins Museum is a classic example of 13th to 14th-century Gothic architecture in France.Toulouse acquires its nicknamed as ‘The Pink City’ by the distinct pink colour of the brickwork in some of its buildings. It is the place where St Saturnin was martyred back in 257AD – the Bishop of Toulouse.The Romans used it in the thirteenth-century and during the French Revolution it acted as army barracks!


Saint Sernin Basilica is one of Toulouse’s most popular historical attractions and is the largest remaining building of Romanesque architecture in Europe.

With tourism having the potential for a small meteoric rise – quite literally if you visit Toulouse’s Cite de l’Espace – it’s easy to see why.


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